2016 Wahome Mutahi Literary Prize

2016 Wahome Mutahi Literary Prize was awarded in September.

Prof John Habwe, whose book Kovu Moyoni, published by Bookmark Africa, took the Kiswahili prize. Above, Wallah Bin Wallah presenting the award to Prof. Habwe.

 Image courtesy of Daily Nation

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Imbuga Lives On

Even In Death, Imbuga Keeps The Presses Running

His latest publications, a play entitled The Green Cross of Kafira and a children’s novel, Nyamu Nyamu’s Great Adventure co-authored with James Munga, have just rolled off the press. 
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Article courtesy of Sunday Nation.

Imbuga Churns Out Another Gem On Bad Leadership

Slightly more than a year since he took his final bow, Francis Imbuga has breached the confines of the hereafter, on a successful mission to sneak us yet another powerful play on dictatorship and bad governance. Learn More.



Article courtesy of Standard Newspaper.

Image courtesy of Sunday Nation.

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