Mission And Vision

Bookmark is the leading publisher of:-

  • Pre-school materials for classroom and home-based learning
  • Early grade reading
  • Literature for all ages and
  • Digital learning solutions

Our products and publishing approach continue to push publishing and learning boundaries to new levels of accomplishment.

To share with us your thoughts and new publishing ideas please email us.
Mission and Vision
Our mission and vision are summarised in our goal which is “to put a book in every hand in Kenya and the world”.
This goal underlies our business strategy and philosophy namely to push every boundary to realise our vision. Our passion is to help learners, teachers, parents and readers in general access our content however they want it: in hard copy or in digital form, online on their mobile gadgets or desktop.
Our product design strategy aims to produce products that are fun to use, easy to handle and aligned to the needs of our various customers.
Our Values
We are driven by a burning desire to make a difference. Integrity, courage and an honest down-to-earth approach define our values. We believe in honourable business conducted in a straight-forward way, focused on the needs of our customers.